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Employee Commute GHG Emissions


EO13514 requires federal agencies to report GHG emissions associated with the commute of their employees to and from work. For many agencies these emissions may be one of the largest sources of emissions, particularly scope 3 emissions.

The FEMP Reporting Portal presents a methodology for calculating GHG emissions from employee commuting. This methodology requires input information about the total number of miles travelled during the fiscal year using each of the common modes of transportation (personal vehicle, van, car pool, bus, transit rail, etc.). Conducting a survey of federal employees at your agency is one way to obtain the data needed to estimate the number of miles travelled in each of these transportation modes.

GSA offers a Scope 3 Commuter Survey as a turn-key solution to help any federal agency capture its Scope 3 Employee Commute information and easily report its emissions to DOE FEMP.  GSA has deployed this survey for agencies ranging from the very small (less than 50 employees) to the very large (greater than 500,000 employees).  In FY2010, more than 18,000 federal employees completed the commuter survey with 98% of them indicating they were "Very Satisfied" or "Satisfied" with their survey experience. 


GSA and the Department of Transportation's Volpe Center collaboratively developed the Scope 3 Commuter Survey which is deployed through the GSA Carbon Footprint Tool.  The survey questions and deployment method-sending customized email invitations to individual survey participants with a unique, anonymous link-have been approved by CEQ and DOE FEMP.  GSA is offering this service for free to all federal agencies.  Agencies may deploy a commuter survey without committing to the use of any other portion of the Tool.

For more information about the Scope 3 Commuter Survey, visit:  https://www.carbonfootprint.gsa.gov/?Page=surveyRequest.