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Dec. 5, 2023
EPA Announces Completion of Naval Base Guam 12-year, $130 million Infrastructure Update Under Compliance Agreement
EPA announced that the U.S. Navy has successfully completed a 2011 Federal Facilities Compliance Agreement (FFCA) at Naval Base Guam. For over 12 years and at a cost of $130 million, the Navy carried out significant infrastructure upgrades to the Apra Harbor Wastewater Treatment Plant and sewer system along with modifications to a water plant. In addition, the Navy improved pollution monitoring and completed technical studies. EPA conducted an inspection in February 2023 and verified that the Navy had completed all requirements of the agreement, including: Upgrading the Apra Harbor Wastewater Treatment Plant. Instituting a base-wide pollution prevention program to minimize the release of metals, oils, and other pollutants into the sewer system. Constructing and operating a bilge oily water treatment system to treat ship discharges. Modifying the drinking water plant to curtail the discharge of aluminum-based treatment chemicals into the sewers and to prevent the leaching of copper from household piping. Replacing and rehabilitating over 30 miles of sewer pipes, hundreds of sewer manholes, force mains, and pump stations. Completion of the agreement means the discharge from the Naval Base Guam's Apra Harbor Wastewater Treatment Plant is now meeting Clean Water Act requirements.

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