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Ø  FedCenter has staff with over 30 years of regulatory expertise that can help you with your compliance questions.

ü  You can submit your questions to our network of environmental experts via our Feedback page at https://www.fedcenter.gov/feedback, email us at fedcentermgr2@fedcenter.gov or call 217-373-5894 for assistance.

Ø  You can take a virtual tour of federal facilities to find what environmental regulations apply to what activities that are commonly found at federal facilities?

ü  Visit our Facility Regulatory Tour at https://www.fedcenter.gov/assistance/facilitytour to view your compliance requirements for 15 federal activity topic areas encompassing over 100 focus areas.

Ø  FedCenter members can request that private working group areas can be set up on FedCenter for storing your project materials and resources, scheduling events, and communicating with your project team.

ü  You can request a work area be set up for your group online by logging into Request a Work Area page at https://www.fedcenter.gov/members/workgroup_request or call 217-373-5894 for a demonstration of our work group capabilities. Email discussion lists (listservs) can also be requested.

Ø  You can see what is publicly known about your facility's compliance record, the permits you have, the wastes generated by your facility and your neighbors, the status of your watersheds, what recycling services are in your area, and other useful environmental program management data.

ü  Visit our My Community/My Facility page at https://www.fedcenter.gov/assistance/myfacility to access these numerous data systems.

Ø  You can monitor and track the progress of current draft and final regulatory information.

ü  Visit our Regulatory Watch at https://www.fedcenter.gov/news/regs for the latest information from Congressional and Agency legislative and regulatory actions.

Ø  FedCenter maintains a directory of mobile applications that may be of interest to the Federal community.

ü  Visit our Mobile Applications page at https://www.fedcenter.gov/assistance/mobileapps for a topic area listing of links to Federally-sponsored and non-profit mobile apps. 

Ø  FedCenter members can customize their personal profile, login preferences, subscription list, and newsletter delivery options via your My Page.

ü  You can define which page you are first taken to upon logging in (home, last viewed, a subscribed page, or My Page), which information areas you wish to receive new information updates to for inclusion in your newsletter, the frequency of your newsletter email delivery (daily, weekly, monthly, never), and the newsletter format (HTML/PDF or text/PDF) by logging into your personal My Page at https://www.fedcenter.gov/my.

Ø  FedCenter members can submit information to be posted to FedCenter.

ü  You can submit your information posting request via email to fedcentermgr2@fedcenter.gov, Submit an Item online at https://www.fedcenter.gov/members/submit/onlineform, or call 217-373-5894 for assistance.

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Last Updated: February 11, 2022