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Apr. 24, 2009
NDCEE Winter/Spring 2009 Newsletter
The National Defense Center for Energy and Environment (NDCEE) Program has published the Winter/Spring 2009 NDCEE Newsletter.

The newsletter provides information on recent NDCEE task accomplishments and interest items, including:

  • Introduction of the new NDCEE Program Manger:  Welcome Mr. Tom Guinivan
  • Development of a Bottom-Up Greenhouse Gas Inventory Approach that utilizes a web-based Installation Environmental Management Information System (IEMIS) to calculate emissions, which was demonstrated across 10 Army installations
  • Demonstration of a portable handheld laser exceeded technical and cost criteria expectations in removing coatings from welds before non-destructive testing and proved capable in several other challenging coatings removal applications
  • Development and evaluation of a Noise Exposure Acquisition Tool (NEAT) to model and estimate the impacts of long-term noise exposure during weapon system development and acquisition
  • Facilitation of the U.S. Army Energy Forum and Industry Day that brought together more than 300 participants from across Government and industry to address energy challenges and strategies
  • Validating contents and establishing lifecycle costs of biobased products to support DoD's transition to and increased utilization of biobased alternatives
  • Evaluation of a vacuum dewatering application to reduce RDX in wastewater and recover reusable product at an ammunition plant
  • Insight on the new administration and the impact it may have on greenhouse gas and climate change regulations
  • Addressing the presence of depleted uranium (DU) in Hawaii by comparing naturally-occurring radiation and DU found in old military rounds
  • Recognition of the Ft. Indiantown Gap Army National Guard Army Aviation Support Facility (AASF) as the first Army National Guard VPP Star worksite
In addition, the NDCEE Program has published the FY08 Annual Report. This publication includes messages from the Executive Agent and Program Director, fiscal year program highlights and technology demonstration, validation, and transition accomplishments, and operational statistics. 
You can access both the NDCEE Newsletter and the Annual Report from the NDCEE Reading Room: http://www.ndcee.ctc.com/reading_room.html

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