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Aug. 12, 2013
Federal Electronics Challenge (FEC) Ending
Effective August 31, 2013 the FEC has ended. EPA will continue to provide technical assistance on federal electronics stewardship through a modified website, the listserv, and continued educational webinars. The FEC is still completing the review of the 2013 Award Applications, and we plan on making announcements on these applications in the next few weeks. FEC will not have reporting or awards for FY2013. The FEC reporting site at FedCenter.gov will be available until 31 December 2013. For copies of any of your forms or award applications from 2010, 2011 or 2012, logon to the system and download or print copies. For copies of older forms or applications, contact Tina Guthrie (202-564-8846, guthrie.christina@epa.gov). To continue participating in a partnership program, and receive recognition for your electronics stewardship efforts, consider joining the Federal Green Challenge (http://www.epa.gov/fgc/).

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