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Jul. 25, 2014
Rhode Island Air National Guard Agrees to Minimize Air Emissions under EPA Settlement
The R.I. Air National Guard, 143rd Airlift Wing, has agreed to pay a $39,400 penalty to settle EPA claims that it violated air pollution laws at this facility where it spray paints aircraft parts. As part of the settlement, R.I. Air National Guard also agreed to meet more stringent emissions limits for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to use coating practices that minimize emissions, to cap its annual VOC emissions, and to apply for state air permit. EPA alleged that the R.I. Air National Guard violated air pollution laws by failing to apply for a required New Source Review permit in 2001 before installing a paint spray booth and before buying four spray guns. EPA also alleged that it also violated air pollution laws for coating of metal parts and products by failing to comply with specific certification and recordkeeping requirements.

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Last Updated: July 16, 2014