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May. 27, 2015
New Effluent Limit Exceedances Search in DMR Pollutant Loading Tool
This new search identifies instances when industrial facilities and sewage treatment plants discharge wastewater pollution in exceedance of their Clean Water Act (CWA) permit effluent limits. The results from this new search feature allow users to identify and sort effluent exceedances. These results are displayed on a webpage and are also sortable (e.g., descending order of facilities with highest effluent exceedances, most pollutant amount over effluent limits - "load over limit"). These results can be downloaded to a user's computer for additional sorting and review. The DMR Pollutant Loading Tool, including this new search, is updated weekly with DMR data from industrial facilities and sewage treatment plants. States authorized to administer the CWA permit program collect these monitoring data and share these data with EPA's national database (ICIS-NPDES).

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