Dec. 11, 2015
Endangered Species Bulletin - Fall 2015 Wildlife Stewardship & National Defense Issue
The Department of Defense and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service collaborated to produce the fall 2015 Wildlife Stewardship & National Defense issue of the Endangered Species Bulletin (ESB). This issue focuses on DoD's projects that sustain the military mission while protecting and managing endangered, threatened, and candidate species.

Read the ESB at http://www.fws.gov/endangered/news/bulletin.html to learn about how:

- The Pacific Missile Range Facility modified exterior lighting to create a dark sky philosophy to protect Newell's shearwater. These lighting changes helped maintain Newell's shearwater's orientation and drastically reduced fallout numbers. 

- Vandenberg Air Force Base removed invasive species, and contoured dunes to create a beach habitat to help the western snowy plover recovery "take off."

- The Navy captured, measured, and released more than 56 Atlantic sturgeon, tracking them to determine their habitat use and seasonal movement patterns within rivers of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

- Camp Blanding used prescribed burns to enhance red-cockaded woodpecker habitat, create nest cavities, and facilitate population growth. Prescribed burns helped maintain training areas and also provided habitat for relocated gopher tortoises.

- The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center developed a headstart program to protect 24 groups of desert tortoises from disease and predators until they were ready for release into the wild.

- Fort A.P. Hill used local spatial data and existing stream system habitats to find swamp pink and small whorled pogonia, and protect these plants from predators such as white-tailed deer and American beavers.

- Camp Pendleton conducted prescribed burns, managed vegetation, and installed artificial burrows to create an enclosed Stephens' kangaroo rat management area and help the species successfully colonize a new habitat.

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