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Dec. 8, 2016
National Lakes Assessment 2012 Final Report Now Available
The National Lakes Assessment 2012: A Collaborative Survey of Lakes in the United States is the second report assessing the condition of the nation's lakes. The NLA is one of a series of National Aquatic Resource Surveys, a national-scale monitoring program designed to produce statistically-valid assessments that answer critical questions about the condition of waters in the United States. The key goals of the NLA report are to describe the ecological and recreational condition of the nation's lakes, how those conditions are changing, and the key stressors affecting those waters. Using a statistical survey design, 1,038 sites were selected at random to represent the condition of the larger population of lakes across the lower 48 states including natural lakes and manmade reservoirs. The NLA Web site also includes findings at the ecoregional scale and allows users to explore additional results using a new interactive dashboard.

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