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Apr. 13, 2018
Northern Review of Legislative & Regulatory Actions - April 2018
The Northern Review of Legislative & Regulatory Actions provides current information on government affairs, energy and environment relevant to Department of Defense interests in the 22 states and territories in Federal Regions 1, 2, 3 and 5. The Review is intended to be a tool useful to DoD and Army leaders, planners, and program managers in carrying out their responsibilities. The Northern Review of Legislative & Regulatory Actions monitors and targets proposed and final regulations and legislation that may affect Army or DoD operations. See attached.
 In this issue of the Northern Review:


-- Page 2: Maine Legislature grants MDEP the authority to adopt federal underground oil storage facility rules.

-- Page 5: New Jersey adopts amendments to the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan and proposes the creation of a Coastal Commission.

-- Page 6: New York proposes the Military Base and Farmland Preservation Act. 

-- Page 8: Pennsylvania adopts amendments to the Land Recycling Program regulations adjusting the standards for soil and groundwater contamination cleanup.

-- Page 9: Virginia passes new laws addressing: water protection permit exemption, authority for dredging projects, and industrial and high-risk runoff programs.

-- Page 13: Ohio adopts an amendment to the UST program rules.

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