Apr. 17, 2018
Federal Leaders Commit to One Federal Decision Framework
Cabinet secretaries and federal agency leaders have signed a Memorandum of Understanding committing to follow President Trump's One Federal Decision framework for processing environmental reviews and permits for major infrastructure projects. President Trump established the policy of One Federal Decision for the federal government's processing of environmental reviews and permits for major infrastructure projects in EO 13807. Under One Federal Decision, EO 13807 requires that each major infrastructure project have a lead federal agency that is responsible for navigating the project through the process, all federal agencies to sign one "Record of Decision" (for purposes of complying with NEPA), and relevant federal agencies to issue the necessary permits for the project within 90 days of the signing of the Record of Decision. EO 13807 established a 2-year goal for the completion of the environmental review and permitting processes for the signature of the Record of Decision and issuance of the necessary permits.

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