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Apr. 12, 2024
Interim Guidance on Destroying and Disposing of Certain PFAS and PFAS-Containing Materials That Are Not Consumer Products
The 2024 updated interim guidance presents available information on the destruction and disposal of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and PFAS-containing materials. This update identifies available, effective and methods to remediate, dispose of and destroy PFAS contamination. It provides information on the current state of science and associated uncertainties for three large-scale capacity technologies that can destroy PFAS or control PFAS release into the environment: thermal destruction, landfills, and underground injection.?This guidance will help decision-makers select technologies based on characteristics of the waste and options available to prevent releases and keep PFAS out of the environment.??The primary audience of this guidance is decision makers who need to identify the most effective means for destroying or disposing of PFAS-containing materials and wastes.

Fact Sheet: 2024 Interim Guidance on the Destruction and Disposal of PFAS (pdf)

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