Revisions to the Petition Provisions of the Title V Permitting Program (Final)
Feb. 6, 2020
The EPA is revising its regulations to streamline and clarify processes related to submission and review of title V petitions. This final rule implements changes in three key areas: Method of petition submittal to the agency, required content and format of petitions, and administrative record requirements for permits.This change is anticipated to provide more complete permit records during the EPA's 45-day review period for proposed permits, the 60-day petition window, and the EPA's review of any petition submitted, and thus reduce the likelihood that the Administrator will grant a petition because of an incomplete permit record. The effective date of this final rule is 6 April 2020. POC is Ms. Carrie Wheeler, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS), Air Quality Policy Division, U.S. EPA, Mail Code C504-03, 109 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711; by tele: (919) 541-9771; or by email at wheeler.carrie@epa.gov. (Federal Registry 5 February 2020 [Final Rule] Pages 6431-6446)
In the first area, the EPA is establishing an electronic submittal system as the preferred method of submittal, with specified email and physical addresses as alternate routes to submit petitions. To help petitioners in preparing their petitions, as well as the EPA in reviewing and responding to petitions, the EPA is finalizing its proposal to incorporate certain content and format requirements into the regulations, codifying practices that the EPA has described in prior orders responding to petitions and the preamble to the proposal for this rule. Finally, the EPA is requiring permitting authorities to prepare a written response to comments (RTC) document if significant comments are received during the public participation process on a draft permit, and requiring that the RTC, when applicable, be sent to the agency with the proposed permit and necessary documents including the statement of basis for its 45-day review.

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