Endangered Species Status for Magnificent Ramshorn and Designation of Critical Habitat (Draft)
Aug. 21, 2023
USFWS determine endangered species status under the ESA, for the magnificent ramshorn (Planorbella magnifica), a freshwater snail species from southeastern North Carolina. They also designate critical habitat for the species. In total, approximately 739 acres (299 hectares) in two ponds in Brunswick County, North Carolina, fall within the boundaries of the critical habitat designation. This rule applies the protections of the Act to this species and its designated critical habitat. This rule is effective 18 September 2023. POC is Pete Benjamin, Field Supervisor, USFWS, Raleigh Ecological Services Field Office, P.O. Box 33726, Raleigh, NC 27636–3726; tele: 919–856–4520. (Federal Register 18 August 2023 [Rule] Pages 56471-56489)

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