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U.S. EPA has developed a strategic planning approach called the Data Life Cycle. This cycle includes three phases: Planning, Implementation, and the Assessment. The DQO process contained in the Planning Phases, plans environmental data collection efforts to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and defensibility of decisions in a resource-effective manner. Use of the DQO approach is intended to ensure that the appropriate type, quantity, and quality of environmental data will be used in decision making with regard to remedial actions and future use/activities at the site. Quality assurance provides quality assurance project plan development (Planning Phases), field data collection and associated quality assurance/quality control activities (Implementation Phases), and data validation and quality control activities (Assessment Phase). This class is ISEERB Approved for all DoD Components. The primary audience is Environmental Restoration Managers, and Environmental Compliance Managers. The course if offered by the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT).

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