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Incremental Costs of Meeting ASHRAE Standard 189.1 at Air Force Facilities
The focus of this June 2011 Air Force study was to determine the incremental additional "first" cost to meet ASHRAE 189.1 (prescriptive path) for four facility types in four climate zones. Federal building performance requirements, the High Performance Sustainable Buildings Guiding Principles and LEED silver certification served as the baseline. The study is based on detailed examination of facility specifications, design drawings, and LEED submission documents, compared to ASHRAE Standard189.1 requirements. Both "minimal" and "substantial" additional costs are identified, as well as areas where mission requirements or policy considerations may prevent achieving compliance with ASHRAE 189.1. This report includes a crosswalk summarizing and comparing the high performance sustainable building requirements of ASHRAE 189.1, ASHRAE 90.1, applicable DoD directives,Unified Facilities Criteria, and the International Green Construction Code, and identifies instances where ASHRAE 189.1 is more stringent.

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Last Updated: June 20, 2007