Environmental Guidance and Recommendations for COVID-19

This page contains federal, agency-specific, and non-federal guidance and recommendations released by various organizations with respect to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Its purpose is to consolidate existing COVID-19 guidance information as it relates to people and the environment into a central area for easy access to the public and federal community, and to provide up-to-date, currently available COVID-19 information as lessons learned to all organizations planning on developing additional guidance.

As new or updated guidance is released, FedCenter will post it here to help (everyone) understand how federal agencies and other organizations plan on minimizing the impacts of COVID-19 within their respective communities.

Federal Guidance

Centers for Disease Control

Environmental Protection Agency Department of Energy

Department of Labor

Executive Office of the President



National Park Service

Agency-Specific Guidance

U.S. Army

Non-Federal Guidance

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

List of Federal Agency COVID-19 General Resources

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