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General Description

The management of plant and animal wildlife, including threatened and endangered species, invasive species, hunting and fishing.

Summary of Federal Requirements

Federally designated endangered or threatened species (flora or fauna) must be protected and the grounds managed so as to not damage habitat. (50 CFR 402)

Proposed actions or activities must be reviewed as to their impact on threatened or endangered species. (50 CFR 402)

Personnel must not transport noxious weeds (i.e. non-native) without a permit. (7 CFR 360.100 through 300)

Migratory birds, their eggs and nests must be protected, they cannot be taken, sold, or acquired without a permit. (50 CFR 21)

During construction activities, erosion control is often regulated through the NPDES stormwater permit obtain in order to perform construction. (40 CFR 122)

Summary of State Requirements

States have their own lists of threatened or endangered species which are in addition to the Federal list.

States also often regulate hunting and fishing.

States may regulate erosion control through the NPDES stormwater permitting system or they may have separate ordinances addressing the issue.

State-by-state guidance concerning threatened and endangered species can be found at ENVCAP's Endangered Species Resource Locator.

Laws and Statutes

The Endangered Species Act

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