About FedCenter
The Federal Facilities Environmental Stewardship & Compliance Assistance Center, is a joint initiative of EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, the Army Corps of Engineers' Construction Engineering Research Laboratory and the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive to create an all-services technical and compliance assistance center to help federal environmental officials, especially those in the civilian sector, better address their environmental needs.
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A reminder of important FedCenter information and services that FedCenter offers to its members.
Important Notices
This page contains important information about FedCenter's policies regarding the following topics: Content Disclaimer, Disclaimer of Endorsement, Accessibility Policy, Linking Policy, Free Commercial Downloads and Privacy, and Security Policy.
Privacy and Security Notice
The Privacy and Security Notice discussed the various FedCenter policies related to information collected from the public, cookies, site security, linking to other sites, and endorsements.

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