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Sustainable Acquisition and Materials Management Practices (SAMM) Working Group


The Sustainable Acquisition and Materials Management Practices (SAMM) Working Group is an interagency working group that is advisory to the White House Council on Environmental Quality and Federal Chief Sustainability Officer. The mission of the SAMM is to provide recommendations on implementation of Federal sustainable acquisition and materials management policies and share best practices among Federal agencies.

The SAMM meets every month and is chaired by a Federal employee within the General Services Administration (GSA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Members of the SAMM may access the private FedCenter SAMM Work Area using their FedCenter account information. The Work Area contains a file library, announcements, discussion forums, and other useful resources.

Membership is open to all Federal executive agencies. Each agency has one Lead Agency Member that represents the agency when voting on SAMM actions and policy recommendations. If you are interested in joining the SAMM, please contact the Co-Chair:

·         Kevin Funk, GSA (kevin.funk@gsa.gov)

·         Karen Richardson, EPA (richardson.karen@epa.gov)


Kevin Funk
U. S. General Services Administration
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Last Updated: April 04, 2019