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Modernizing Ignitable Liquids Determinations (Final)
Jul. 7, 2020
The EPA is finalizing updates to the regulations for the identification of ignitable hazardous waste under the RCRA and to modernize the RCRA test methods that currently require the use of mercury thermometers. These revisions provide greater clarity to hazardous waste identification, provide flexibility in testing requirements, improve environmental compliance, and, thereby, enhance protection of human health and the environment. This final rule is effective on 8 September 2020. POC is Daniel Fagnant, Materials Recovery and Waste Management Division, Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery (5304P), Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20460; tel: 703-308-0319; email: fagnant.daniel@epa.gov.

(Federal Register: 7 June 2020 [Rule] pages 40594-40608).

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