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Membership Privileges

Currently, a membership to the FedCenter consists of full-time access to the entire suite of document management and collaboration features offered by the FedCenter.gov website. See "Membership Benefits" below for a description of those features. There is no cost to join or use any particular suite of features.

Membership Eligibility

All Federal Agency personnel (civilian and military) are eligible for individual membership to the FedCenter.gov website. Additionally, non-Federal personnel who are currently partnering with a Federal Agency may also request membership.

Group accounts are not permitted.

See "Apply For An Account" below if you are eligible and do not yet have an account.

Membership Benefits

FedCenter.gov account holders are entitled to the following set of features not available to the public:

  • Subscription to the FedCenter electronic newsletter - delivered daily, weekly or monthly
  • E-mail notification of new information posted to the FedCenter
  • Permission to submit candidate information for posting on FedCenter
  • Participation in FedCenter discussion forums
  • FedCenter Listserv privileges (join or create)
  • Opportunity to request online, private working group areas for document management and "team" collaboration
  • Access to the FedCenter membership directory

Terms of Use

As a FedCenter website account holder, you agree to the following terms and policies:

  • Public information (information contained in areas where user authentication is not required) may be distributed or copied unless otherwise specified. Use of appropriate byline/photo/image credits is requested.
  • Information that requires user authentication to access is for personal use only within your scope of activity with the FedCenter and may not be copied or distributed without authorization from FedCenter or the party responsible for posting/managing that information.
  • All information on FedCenter is for informational purposes only, and shall not be used for influencing Federal policy development nor personal gain in an capacity.
Please note these terms may change at any time.

Apply For An Account

Use the form below to apply for an account to the FedCenter.gov website. An overview of membership benefits is described above.

Please note if you are a non-Federal applicant you will also be asked to provide a Federal Agency point-of-contact (POC) to "sponsor" your FedCenter membership. Federal "sponsorship" is necessary to validate your need to participate in Federal activities that take place at FedCenter.gov.

Privacy Statement

Any information collected by FedCenter from any individual is solely for the purposes of satisfying the techical needs of the services provided. No personally-identifying information other than Name, Organization, Zip Code, and Email address will be collected in any of those instances. This information will be kept securely at all times and will not be shared with any other organization outside of FedCenter.

For more information about our Privacy Notice, click here.

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Last Updated: February 11, 2022