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E15 Fuel Dispenser Labeling and Compatibility With Underground Storage Tanks (Draft)
Jan. 19, 2021
EPA currently requires fuel dispenser labels for gasoline-ethanol blends of greater than 10 volume percent (vol%) ethanol and up to 15 vol% ethanol (E15). The label was designed to alert consumers to the appropriate and lawful use of the fuel. EPA is co-proposing to either modify the E15 label or remove the label requirement entirely and seeking comment on whether state and local governments may be preempted from requiring different labels on fuel dispensers. To facilitate the proper storage of E15 in underground storage tank systems (USTs), EPA is proposing to modify the UST regulations to grant certain allowances for compatibility demonstration for storage of ethanol blends. EPA is also proposing compatibility requirements for future UST installations or component replacements that would ensure compatibility with higher blends of ethanol. Comments must be received on or before 19 April 2021. POC is Lauren Michaels, Office of Transportation and Air Quality, Assessment and Standards Division, EPA, 2000 Traverwood Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48105; tel: (734) 214-4640; email: michaels.lauren@epa.gov.

(Federal Register 19 January 2021 [Proposed Rule] pages 5094-5104).

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