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Reclassification of the Endangered Layia carnosa (Beach Layia) to Threatened (Final)
Mar. 31, 2022
USFWS are reclassifying the plant beach layia (Layia carnosa) from an endangered to a threatened species under the ESA, due to substantial improvements in the species' overall status since its original listing as endangered in 1992. This action is based on a thorough review of the best scientific and commercial data available, which indicates that beach layia no longer meets the definition of an endangered species under the Act. Beach layia will remain protected as a threatened species under the Act. They are also finalizing a rule under section 4(d) of the Act that provides for the conservation of beach layia. This rule is effective 2 May 2022. POC is Tanya Sommer, Field Supervisor, Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office, 1655 Heindon Rd., Arcata, CA 95521; tel: 707-822-7201.

(Federal Register 31 March 2022 [Rule] Pages 18722-18739)

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