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Emergency Listing of the Dixie Valley Toad as Endangered (Final)
Apr. 7, 2022
USFWS exercised authority pursuant to the ESA, to emergency list the Dixie Valley toad (Anaxyrus williamsi) as endangered. Due to the imminent development of a geothermal project in Dixie Meadows, Nevada, and the potential resulting effects to the geothermal springs relied upon by the Dixie Valley toad, there is a significant risk to the well-being of the species. They find that emergency listing is necessary in order to provide the protective measures afforded by the Act to the Dixie Valley toad. This emergency action (emergency rule) provides Federal protection pursuant to the Act for a period of 240 days. A proposed rule to list the Dixie Valley toad as endangered is published concurrently with this emergency rule in the Proposed Rules section of this issue of the Federal Register. This temporary rule is effective 7 April 2022, through 2 December 2022. POC is Marc Jackson, Field Supervisor, USFWS, Reno Fish and Wildlife Office, 1340 Financial Blvd., Suite 234, Reno, Nevada 89502; tel 775-861-6300.

(Federal Register 7 April 2022 [Rule] Pages 20336-20348)

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