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Removing Five Species That Occur on San Clemente Island From the Federal Lists of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants
Jan. 25, 2023
USFWS are removing the San Clemente (SC) Bell's sparrow (Artemisiospiza belli clementeae) (formerly known as the SC sage sparrow, Amphispiza belli clementeae), San Clemente Island (SCI) bush-mallow (Malacothamnus clementinus), SCI paintbrush (Castilleja grisea), SCI lotus (Acmispon dendroideus var.traskiae), and SCI larkspur (Delphinium variegatum ssp. kinkiense) from the Federal Lists of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants (Lists). The bird species and four plant species occur only on SCI, one of the California Channel Islands off the southern coast of California. The delistings are based on our evaluation of the best available scientific and commercial information, which indicates that the status of each species has improved and threats to the species have been eliminated or reduced to the point that the species have recovered and no longer meet the definitions of either endangered or threatened species under the ESA. Accordingly, the protections provided by the Act will no longer apply to these species. This rule is effective 24 February 2023. POC is Scott Sobiech, Field Supervisor, Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office, 2177 Salk Avenue, Suite 250, Carlsbad, CA 92008; tele 760-431-9440. (Federal Register 25 January 2023 [Rule] Pages 4761-44792).

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