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Listing the Atlantic Humpback Dolphin as an Endangered Species under the Endangered Species Act (Draft)
Apr. 10, 2023
NMFS have completed a comprehensive status review under the ESA for the Atlantic humpback dolphin (Sousa teuszii) in response to a petition from the Animal Welfare Institute, the Center for Biological Diversity, and VIVA Vaquita to list the species. Based on the best scientific and commercial information available, including the draft status review report, and taking into account efforts being made to protect the species, they have determined that the Atlantic humpback dolphin has a high risk of extinction throughout its range and warrants listing as an endangered species. This species occurs only in coastal Atlantic waters of western Africa. They are authorized to designate critical habitat within U.S. jurisdiction only, and they are not aware of any areas within U.S jurisdiction that may meet the definition of critical habitat under the ESA. Therefore, they are not proposing to designate critical habitat. NMFS are soliciting public comments on our draft status review report and proposal to list this species. Comments on this proposed rule must be received by 6 June 2023. POC is Heather Austin, NMFS Office of Protected Resources, 301–427–8422. (Federal Register 7 April 2023 [Proposed Rule] Pages 20829-20846)

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