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Alternate Polychlorinated Biphenyls Extraction Methods and Polychlorinated Biphenyls Cleanup and Disposal (Final)
Aug. 31, 2023
EPA is finalizing an expanded set of extraction and determinative methods that can be used to characterize and verify the cleanup of PCBs waste under implementing regulations for PCB-related authority in the TSCA. These changes are expected to greatly reduce the amount of solvent used in PCB extraction processes, thereby conserving resources and reducing waste. In addition, the changes are expected to result in quicker, more efficient, and less costly cleanups, due to greater flexibility in the cleanup and disposal of PCB waste, while still being equally protective of human health and the environment. EPA is finalizing several other amendments to the PCB regulations, including the amendment of the performance-based disposal option for PCB remediation waste; the removal of the provision allowing PCB bulk product waste to be disposed of as roadbed material; the addition of more flexible provisions for cleanup and disposal of waste generated by spills that occur during emergency situations; harmonization of the general disposal requirements for PCB remediation waste; and other amendments to improve the implementation of the regulations. This rule is effective 26 February 2024. POC is Jennifer McLeod, Program Implementation and Information Division, Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, (202) 566–0384; email address: mcleod.jennifer@epa.gov. (Federal Register 29 August 2023 [Rule] Pages 59662-59696)

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