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Removal of Roanoke Logperch From the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife (Draft)
Apr. 2, 2024
USFWS proposes to remove the Roanoke logperch (Percina rex) from the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife due to recovery. The species is currently listed as endangered. Their review of the best available scientific and commercial data indicates that the threats to the Roanoke logperch have been eliminated or reduced to the point that the species no longer meets the definition of an endangered or a threatened species under the ESA. Populations of Roanoke logperch are shown to be stable or expanding and reproducing (as evidenced by sustained recruitment) since the time of listing in each of the following river systems: Upper Roanoke River, Pigg River, Smith River, and Nottoway River. The number of streams where the Roanoke logperch has been observed has increased from 14 streams from the time of listing in 1989 to 31 streams in 2019. Accordingly, they propose to delist the Roanoke logperch throughout all of its range, which is in Virginia and North Carolina. If finalized this rule as proposed, the prohibitions and conservation measures provided by the Act, would no longer apply to the Roanoke logperch. We will accept comments received or postmarked on or before 3 June 2024. POC is Cindy Schulz, Field Supervisor, USFWS, Virginia Ecological Services Field Office, 6669 Short Lane, Gloucester, VA 23061; tele 804-654-1842.
(Federal Register 2 April 2024 [Proposed Rule] Pages 22649-22662)

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