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This EPA tool, published September 2013, includes a menu of bid specification development tools, for use by cities, counties, land banks, and other entities engaged in residential demolition operations to yield an improved environment result. The bid specification development tools found in the appendices of this document have been designed to serve more than one purpose. They can serve as a tool to help the reader anticipate the environmental issues and concerns that may arise in connection with a demolition project so that those issues and concerns can be factored into the planning process. They can help the reader develop and organize information concerning a demolition project. They can also be used to modify existing bid specification language used by a community or to assist in creating language for new bid specifications. This specification language could then be utilized to
develop procurement language, contract language, and associated documents, as appropriate, for use in a specific bid package that would instruct contractors on the contract and on the general and the technical requirements for the demolition project.

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