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The NEPA Application Course (CIN: A-4A-0077) is offered by the Navy. It is presented in a 3-day seminar, provides participants with the legal requirements, Navy policy, procedures and techniques for implementing NEPA, and is the foundation for more advanced NEPA coursework. This course focuses on: selecting the proper document; levels of analysis; public involvement; review process; and impact analysis required under the law. Lectures, case studies and hands-on workshops involving Navy scenarios are part of this in-depth study of NEPA analysis process. The course focuses on documentation and sufficiency requirements for the Categorical Exclusion and Environmental Assessment. The course is taught by an experienced planning practitioner with additional legal support by the Department of the Navy, Office of the General Counsel. The target audience is: DoN, (Navy with Marine Corps and others as space permits) personnel who work with environmental issues in the following areas: Weapon systems acquisition programs; Shore facility operations and management; Real Estate & Facilities Planning; Operational exercises and training; Realignment and base closure actions; Construction Projects; and Range Management.

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Last Updated: July 31, 2017