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Drinking Water Treatment

Jul. 29, 2005
AWWA is an international nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply. Founded in 1881, AWWA is the largest organization of water supply professionals in the world. Its more than 57,000 members represent the full spectrum of the drinking water community: treatment plant operators and managers, scientists, environmentalists, manufacturers, academicians, regulators, and others who hold genuine interest in water supply and public health. Membership includes more than 4,700 utilities that supply water to roughly 180 million people in North America.
Jul. 7, 2016
CRWU provides water sector utilities (drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities) with the practical tools, training, and technical assistance needed to adapt to climate change by promoting a clear understanding of climate science and adaptation options.
Jul. 7, 2016
This document has been designed as a tool for health officials, waterworks personnel, plumbers, and any others involved directly or indirectly in water supply and distribution systems. It is intended to be used for educational, administrative, and technical reference in conducting cross-connection control programs.
May. 20, 2005
This site details the steps to be taken towards meeting the EPA water program's strategic plans.
May. 4, 2005
This is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the beneficial and efficient use of water resources through education, sound science, and technology using reclamation, recycling, reuse and desalination for the benefit of our members, the public, and the environment.
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Last Updated: March 09, 2007