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The Federal Agency Links page provides links to the Environmental Home Pages of various Federal agencies. Click here to access environmental home pages for all 50 U.S. states.

The Air Force Civil Engineer Center provides Air Force leaders with the comprehensive expertise and professional services necessary to protect, preserve, restore, develop and sustain the nation's environmental and installation resources.
Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force's home page for installations, environment, and energy.
The Army Regional Environmental and Energy Offices protect and advance Army (and DoD) military readiness by engaging State governments, regional Federal agencies and non-governmental organizations to promote sustainable installation operations. The Army has four Regional Environmental and Energy Offices (REEOs); the Northern Office at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Southern Office in Atlanta, Central Office in Kansas City, and Western Office in Denver. Army is the lead DoD REC for USEPA Region 5 (Northern Office), Region 4 (Southern Office), Region 7 (Central Office), and Region 8 (Western Office).
Charged by Congress (1983) with coordinating public/private research on indoor air quality; 24 member agencies. Public webinars/meetings with presentations and member agency updates in February, June and October. Email: CIAQ@epa.gov , Listserve: ciaq-subscribe@lists.epa.gov.
DENIX is the central platform and information clearinghouse for environment, safety and occupational health (ESOH) news, information, policy, and guidance. Serving the worldwide greater Department of Defense (DoD) community, DENIX offers ESOH professionals a vast document library, a gateway to web-based environmental compliance tools, an interactive workgroup environment, a variety of groupware tools and an active membership community numbering thousands.
The DoD Natural Resources Program (NR Program) supports the military's testing and training mission by protecting its biological resources. The NR Program provides policy, guidance, and oversight for management of natural resources on approximately 29 million acres of military land, air, and water resources owned or operated by DoD. The NR Program's goal is to support the military's combat readiness mission by ensuring continued access to realistic habitat conditions, while simultaneously working to ensure the long-term sustainability of our nation's priceless natural heritage.
The intent of these pages is to facilitate and communicate DOJ's commitment to serving as an example in the area of environmental stewardship and compliance with environmental legislation and Executive Orders.
The Federal Green Challenge (FGC) is a national effort under EPA's Sustainable Materials Management Program, challenging EPA and other federal agencies throughout the country to lead by example in reducing the federal government's environmental impact. It furthers the goals of the President's Executive Order Regarding Efficient Federal Operations. This website provides federal installations guidance on reducing, reusing, and recycling resources.
The Public Buildings Service’s environmental goal is to eliminate all damage to the environment resulting from its operations. The PBS Environment Program works in coordination with the Sustainable Design and Energy programs to ensure that PBS continuously makes progress towards that goal.
The IRS environmental home page. Provides links to information on program elements, roles and responsibilities, training, inspections, audits, and assessments.
NASA's Environmental Management Division serves as Agency lead in assuring that NASA meets its Federal stewardship responsibilities and achieves sustainability while carrying out its primary mission of understanding and protecting our home planet, exploring the Universe and searching for life, and inspiring the next generation of explorers.
Promoting sustainable environmental stewardship throughout the federal government.
The Environmental Community of Practice (eCoP) provides the public with a central point to access information on all the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers environmental programs. The Corps supports or manages numerous environmental initiatives including Ecosystem Restoration, Formerly Used Defense Sites, Environmental Stewardship, support to EPA Superfund and Brownfields programs, Abandoned Mine Lands, Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program, Base Realignment and Closure 2005, and Regulatory. The Corps' environmental programs support the warfighter and military installations worldwide as well as the Corps' public recreation facilities throughout the country.
USAEC is the Army's point organization for implementing environmental programs that enhance Army training and operations while protecting the environment. As a field-operating agency of the ACSIM, USAEC's mission implements the environmental program for the Army by providing a broad range of innovative and cost-effective products and services in support of Army training, operations, and sound stewardship.
Responsible for ensuring the compliance of the regulated community with federal environmental statutes.
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Last Updated: June 06, 2013