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Current issue contents: FedCenter Launched!, EPA & Army Corps Watershed Agreement, FEE Pinero Plots Environmental Course, Feds Commit to Environmental Stewardship of Electronics, EPA Green Power Purchase, National Guard Transforming with EMS, NPS San Antonio Missions Win Award, EMR News, other environmental news, conferences, and award announcements.
Working Toward Environmental Compliance and Sustainability in the Federal Government, Update on E.O. 13148 Implementation, US and Israel Joint Management Systems Project, President’s Management Council Compliance Initiative, EMS Mentoring Program, EPA’s “Buying Green Online”, “Closing the Circle” and other awards.
Feds Embrace Pollution Prevention, National P2 Roundtable, Green Procurement, E-Cycling, Healthcare - VA, P2 Internet Resources, FACTS, NIH Mercury Free, EMS, Joint Service P2 Opportunity, NASA Technology, White House Closing the Circle Award, Enforcement News, Region 8 Issues, EMRs, EPP Vendor Fair.
Federal Agencies Making Progress, John Howard - Federal Environmental Executive, Working for Environmental Excellence, Fort Meade - ISO 14001 Certification, EMS Training, EPA Regional CWA/SPC Initiative, Federal Facilities Compliance Center, Upcoming Events, and more.
Online Compliance Tracking Reports, Director David Kling, base closures, EMRs, sulfur emissions, EMS workshops, Federal Facility Program Managers, Eielson AFB Agreement, Brooks, Ft. Lewis, and more.
EPA's Environmental Management Reviews for Federal facilities, Texas Environmental Partnership, workshops on affirmative procurement and drinking water systems, and more.
VA's Self-Disclosure of UST Violations, EPA Region II Outdoor Shooting Range Initiative, National Park Service EMRs in Region VI, Region VII: Army Officer Exchange Program, Third Annual Alaska Forum, and more.
Partnering at NAS Patuxent River, GSA's Stormwater Program, Federal Facilities as Charter Members of National Environmental Achievement Track, Region VI FUDS, Anacostia Watershed Toxics Alliance, McGregor Cleanup Team, SFIP Expansion, and more.
Project XL: NASA White Sands, UST Initiative, Reese AFB, Hazardous Waste Compliance Docket, The Hammer, WasteWise Teams, EPCRA Section 313, Partnerships, Region VI-EMRs, Yellowstone National Park, and more.
Compliance Assistance Reviews at Bureau of Indian Affairs, TXP3: Texas Pollution Prevention Partnership, UST Regs, EMRs in Region 8, Regional News and Notes, Multi-Media, Conference Update, The Hammer, and more.
SDWA Penalty Case-Redstone Arsenal, Director's Word, EMS -- NPS, Region 7's New Office Building, Ft. Meade's Tipton Airfield Waste-Free, Buy Recycled, The Hammer, Conference Update, Federal Facilities Coordinators, and more.
First Federal Facility Penalty Order/TSCA Lead Violation, DOI, Global Climate Change, "America Recyles Day," UST Violations, EMR-West Point, Federal Buildings-Greening, The Hammer, Conference Update, Resources, and more.
DOJ Ruling Gives EPA CCA Penalty Authority, US Minted Cited for CAA Violations, Guest Spot-Charles Bravo, XL/ENVVEST, Multi-Media Inspections, America Recyles Day, EMRs, P2 Assessment-Coast Guard, and more.
EPA Orders Cease-Fire on Cape Cod Base, Director's Word, GuestSpot-Sherri Goodman, Drop in TRI Releases, EJ at Federal Facilities, In the Field, The Hammer, Meet the Challenge Winners, Reports/Regulations, and more.
Rocky Flats Cleanup Agreement, Director's Word, GuestSpot-Al Alm, TRI Reporting, EMRs, ENVVEST, Minuteman Missile Silos, SDWA, CEMP, Environmental Restoration Dialogue, ETI Grant, PCBs, The Hammer, and more.
Pollution Prevention/Energy Efficiecy Goals, Director's Word, GuestSpot-Fran McPoland, Charleston Naval Base, EPA's Federal Tracking System, ENVVEST, P2 finace software, pollution disclosure, Enviro$ense, In the Regions, Regional Round-Up, Generic Protocol, Office of Federal Activities,The Hammer, and more.
Two Federal Installations Chosen As Leaders, Director's Word, GuestSpot-Steve Herman, P2 Workshops, Introducing FFEO & FFRRO, Regional Federal Facility Coordinators, A-106, EJ Projects, Benchmark Study, Enviro$ense, The Hammer, and more.
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Last Updated: March 08, 2005