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Methodology for disposal of some medical wastes.

Summary of Federal Requirements

Hospital/medical/infection waste incinerators (HMIWI) are incinerators used by hospitals, health care facilities, and commercial waste disposal companies to burn hospital waste and/or medical/infectious waste. In 40 CFR 60.51c and 62.14490 HMIWI are defined as "any device that combusts any amount of hospital waste and/or medical/infectious waste."

In 40 CFR 60.51c and 62.14490, hospital waste is defined as "discards generated at a hospital, except unused items returned to the manufacturer. The definition of hospital waste does not include human corpses, remains, and anatomical parts that are intended for interment or cremation."

When burned, hospital waste and medical/infectious waste emit various air pollutants, including hydrochloric acid, dioxin/furan, and the toxic metals lead, cadmium, and mercury. If the medial facility is a "Major Source", the HMIWI may be regulated under a Title V permit.

HMIWIs which started construction after 20 June 1996 or which started modification after 16 March 1998 are regulated under 40 CFR 60.50c through 60.58c.

HMIWIs which are exempted from the requirements for HMIWI that started construction on or before 20 June 1996 that are not covered by an USEPA approved and effective State or Tribal plan are regulated under 40 CFR 62.14400 through 62.14465.

U.S. EPA has developed a series of guidance documents to facilitate compliance with the Federal regulations concerning Hospital/Medical/Infectious Waste Incinerators. EPA Guidance Documents

Summary of State Requirements

States require construction permits for the construction of a HMIWI and operation permits for their operation. Permit will dictate the type of monitoring to be done, the emissions limitations, control methodology, and reporting requirements.

States may also specifically regulate the ash residue from the burning of hospital/medical/infectious waste.

Laws and Statutes

Clean Air Act

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Regulatory Sources
40 CFR 60.30e through 60.39e
Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources, Subpart Ce: Emission Guidelines and Compliance Times for HMIWI

40 CFR 60.50c through 60.58c
Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources, Subpart Ec: Standards of Performance for Hospital/Medical/Infectious Waste Incinerators for Which Construction is Commenced After June 20, 1996
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