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Medical Facilities may be discharging their wastewater to a local municipal or county treatment works, operating their own treatment works, and/or discharging directly to the environment. Sources of wastewater could include: boiler blowdown, cooling tower blowdown, domestic wastewater exceeding specified contaminant concentration or flow rate criteria, once-through cooling water, laundry facilities, cafeterias with grease traps, oil/water separator discharges, laboratory discharges, film/X-ray processing, and discharges from drains in maintenance shops. A more detailed discussion of potential wastewater streams from medical facilities can be found in Characteristics and Treatment of the Dental Waste Water Stream as published by the Waste Management and Research Center.

  • If the wastewater is being sent to a sewer authority or Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW), visit the Wastewater Treatment Facility -> Discharges to POTW/FOTW section of the Facility Regulatory Tour.

  • If the wastewater is being directly discharged into the environment, visit the Wastewater Treatment Facility -> Point Source Discharge section of the Facility Regulatory Tour. Of particular concern at medical facilities with NPDES permits are silver and mercury levels specified in NPDES permit or in pretreatment levels and monitoring biocide and disinfectant discharges so that operation at POTW is not disturbed.
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