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General Description

Common waste reduction strategies for vehicles maintenance areas include plastics, antifreeze recycling, used oil recycling, beverage can recycling, fluorescent lightbulb recycling, laundering of shop towels, recycling lead-acid batteries and turning in metal as scrap.

Summary of Federal Requirements

Materials separated for recycling are required to be stored so as not to cause a fire, health, or safety hazard.

Containers of materials separated for recycling must be of an adequate size and number to contain all waste generated between collections.

Bulky wastes that will be recycled must be stored so as not to create a nuisance and to avoid the accumulation of solid waste and water in and around the bulky items.

Bulky wastes that will be recycled must be collected a minimum of once every 3 months.

Materials separated for recycling must be collected with sufficient frequency to inhibit the propagation or attraction of vectors and the creation of nuisances.

If the Federal facility as a whole has over 100 office workers, the facility is required to recover high-grade paper.

If the Federal facility has more than 500 families in residence, the facility is required to recycle newspapers.

If the Federal facility is generating 10 tons or more of waste corrugated containers per month the facility is required to segregate/separately collect the waste corrugated containers for recycling or alternative energy use.

Summary of State Requirements

Municipalities, counties and states are the primary force behind recycling being more than an option and instead being a requirement. States and/or counties may require the recycling of wastes such as electronics waste, plastic, wood, scrap metal, and plant waste.

Laws and Statutes

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Subtitle D

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Regulatory Sources
40 CFR 246.100 through 246.203
Source Separation for Materials Recovery Guidelines
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